Module "Settle down at the TUM", Munich, GermanySept. 2014

Participated in workshops and trainings which included:
  • All day intercultural training
  • How to prepare your CV in Germany
  • Workshops on German History
  • Visits to state of the art TUM research labs, site and company visits

Emerging Technology in Computing, West Bengal University of Technology, IndiaJun. 2011

Participated in “Workshop on Emerging Technology in Computing” organized by Department of Computer Science & Engineering and Department of Information Technology of St. Thomas’ College of Engineering & Technology.

Mechanical Workshop, West Bengal University of Technology, IndiaAug. 2009 - Jun. 2010

As part of the first-year undergraduate coursework, we had practical experience in the following areas:
  • Carpentry (Wood Working) - T-Lap joints and Bridle joint
  • Metal joining - Lap joint by Gas welding and others
  • Bench work and Fitting - Sawing and Finishing by Filing
  • Tin Smithy - making simple products on sheet metal
  • Brazing – Basic Process of Brazing